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Frances' Tarot Dairy

2015-2-24 02:05| 发布者: admin| 查看: 17793| 评论: 33|原作者: ≯小蝶≮|来自: 中华塔罗论坛

摘要: 想要好好练习塔罗,也想要好好学好英语。于是想到很作死的二合一的方法,用英文写塔罗日记。 希望可以好好坚持,看到自己的成长。2014-10-14 Using physical-mental-spirit spread Physical:The Emperor - Men ...

Physic: 2 of Wands +
Mind: Ace of Swords –
Spirit: 10 of Cups –

The spread gives me a feeling of impulsion, making pushing to do something.
Orange, yellow and white, all of them are showing rational thinking. The white also means pure energy.
2, 1, 10. Make a choice and go, but don’t forget to return to mind. Then can get the happy ending.

The man holding one wand and a ball of the world, showing that he’s made the decision. It also means it’s time to make choice. The sword in the middle, using whose rational and institute to judge if the thing work or not. Then come to 10 of Cups. It shows happy ending, but it also means there will be some limitations. Water and 10 (even number) are show the passive attribution of this card.
Sometimes, when you have choices, you will hesitate. Then just decide a way and follow it until the end.

My physic tells me:
Focusing is a good thing. Keep it and don’t move.
My mind tells me:
Except for analyzing the present circumstance, you also need to consider what will happen in the future. Don’t treat it lightly when you think you’ve held some information.
My spirit tells me:
Your situation is very well. But don’t neglect the limitations, don’t be afraid to face it because you have backup.

Thank you~

Physic: 3 of Swords +
Mind: Death –
Spirit: 2 of Pentacles –

No zuo no die….
Stay up for reading novels, even very tired. And need to watch the competitions whole day. Once staying up, the whole energy seems to be exhausted.

3 of Swords shows the fatigue. Then death means need a new start. 2 of pentacles tells that try to get rid of the decadent situation. All in all, after doing this, get to know that the health is very important. I can’t do anything without a good sleep.

My physic tells me:
Go to sleep now!!
My mind tells me:
A decadent period has gone.
My spirit tells me:
Balance work and entertainment. Don’t disturb the normal life.


Physic: Justice –

Mind: The star –

Spirit: The sun –

All cards are reversed. Does it showwhether my energy is confined?

11, 17, 19. All of them are odd numbers andthey arrange in order.

Wind, wind, fire. When these two elementsmeet together, it shows there are still some stuff running through my head.

Reversed justice shows the unbalance. Thestar indicates that distance and mobility. The sun means still need somethingto achieve the goal.

All in all, changes are in the corner, I needto prepare for it.

Hope everything goes well.

My physic tells me:

Adjust your sleeping time in order tobalance the day, night time.

My mind tells me:

There’s something not sure. Prepare for theuncertainty thing.

My spirit tells me:

Your work is still not enough. Try to workharder. Your effort will never be in vain.

Physic: 5 of Pentacles –
Mind: 3 of Swords –
Spirit: The World +

I feel some confused when a first glance. Why I always draw the pentacle cards and swords card. And it’s not the first time I draw 5 of pentacles and 3 of swords.
5,3,21=5,3,2+1=3. After a dynamic situation, it will become peace.
Two people are passing through the church, showing the difficult time of them. And it also means some obstructions, especially means the physical situation. The 3 swords insert a heart. It shows hurts and tiredness. It’s too fatigue to deal with other things. But after some relaxing, it will recover and be good.

My physic tells me:
Take care. Even though your health improves, don’t be arrogant.
My mind tells me:
Don’t care too much about others’ saying. Be yourself and focus on your thing.
My spirit tells me:
Back to your peace mind, and relax.

Coach doesn't arrange me for the competition this year. Thank you for his understanding. And almost finish the paper? Dancing is very interesting. More people ask me for help by using tarot. Finish the presentation i care, and what a nice day~~~

Physic: Queen of Pentacles +
Mind: 7 of Wands –
Spirit: 4 of Cups +

What a wonderful day! When go to canteen, the waitress give more vegetable and two fried eggs. So great! I finish my paper and go out to Venetian for shopping. Then buy the “love” yogurt. Decide the Taiwan schedule with friends. Try to find couch host. Lalala~~

Queen of pentacles has a good mood and open-mind to embrace everything. 7 of Wands tries to challenge the present situation. And 4 of cups has more thoughts than action.
7, 4. One number wants to break through, the other wants stability. It’s contradictory. But never mind, queen of pentacles will deal with this problem.

I want to sleeeeeeeeep.
It’s the most mindless dairy I’ve written.


引用 ≯小蝶≮ 2014-10-15 21:58
Using physical-mental-spirit spread

Physical:The Emperor -
Mental: Knight of Pentacles -
Spirit: The Tower +

I see two hanged man, and people want free.
First two cards are the warm color, which makes me feel nervous. Maybe it's because the dark in the Knight of Pentacles. And the main color in the last one is blue and white, which makes me calm, and not nervous anymore.
There are two numbers--4 & 16; 16 is quadruple of 4, which shows if I want to free myself, I need to work hard, at least quadruple as that today.
The men I can see are the people in the card. A emperor, a knight, and two people jumping from the tower.
The emperor stays in the throne around mountains; the knight riding black horse in the plain; two people jump from tower that is very high so that we seem can touch the sky.
If I feel it in mood, I feel very nervous very restrained most in the past. Then I still can't move in the second card. But fortunately, I find my way to release, even if it needs much work.
The emperor representing physic sits straight and faces front. And the reverse knight representing mind faces the physical direction. And the two people in the tower, facing either up or down. The emperor now keeps his throne and doesn't want to move, and knight facing emperor means my heart is restrained as well. So I need too much work to break this limitation in order to get free.

My physic tells me:
You always stay in the origin and don't move forward. You are good definitely. However, you still need to work to make yourself better or you will lose your throne.

My mind tells me:
Handstand when you are free. To feel that once you do, you can feel that the world is different, at least your little world. And just do it, you will touch the ground and not need to hang in the midair.

My spirit tells me:
Free yourself, to be your true self. Don't need to care the environment around you. It maybe too tough, but it doesn't matter. It won't stop your forward steps.
引用 ≯小蝶≮ 2014-10-15 22:42
Physic: Queens of Pentacles -
Mind: 9 of Sword +
Spirit: The High Priestess –

I can see three people facing different directions, which means the strength are separated. And each card has bright and multiple color which dizzy me so that I can’t concentrate.

There are two numbers in this spread. 9 & 2. Number 9 shows need one more step to catch the goal. But I can’t feel the meaning of number 2 and the relationship between them.

The queen is in her throne; the sorrowful man stays in his bed; and the high priestess is in the temple/church.

Two of cards have the symbol representing maternal energy and prosperity. Even in the darkest card, it has the roses to represent hope and live.

Actually, I feel a little agitated when I see the first card, whose color make me dizzy. Refer to the second one, I know the man is sorrow, but I can’t feel the sadness as him. My focus is on the sharp swords seeming to tear the darkness. I feel scared about the energy of the swords. As usual, the high priestess can bring me calmness, this time also lightness.

Each card has a person and they are doing their own things, seeming no connection. However, the queen facing 9 of sword’s direction, and looks down, seems to watch the sorrowful man as if deep in thought. And the sorrowful man facing the priestess though he can’t see her by covering his face. At the same time, the edge of the swords face the priestess as well. However, the priestess keeps calm and keep smile. Her head towards the ground, which means she see the world in a different perspective.

My physic tells me:
My energy is fading. Maybe these days I am a little bit tired. Try to relax and be better.
My mind tells me:
The terror things only bother you when you mind it. You think it does matter so that it will affect you. Then, just leave it.
My spirit tells me:
Don’t confine myself in a limited perspective. Sometimes I can try to think in another way. Just challenge myself and then I can know more about myself.

All in all, try to relax to release not only physic but mind, then I can really calm to see what I want and what I should do. Actually don’t push myself too much maybe a good way to relax. The queen and high priestess both are not pepperboxes. :p
引用 柏拉图的永恒 2014-10-16 07:40
do not let your energy fading,it will be dangerous and make u depressed,just do something

i don't actually like too many swords,it always made me mad and freak out .soooo  terrible!!!!

ps:which kind of card do u use?
引用 ≯小蝶≮ 2014-10-16 21:35
回复 5# 柏拉图的永恒

   Waite Tarot
引用 ≯小蝶≮ 2014-10-16 23:32
Physic: 10 of Swords –
Mind: 5 of wands -
Spirit: temperance +

I see everything in mess. A lot of swords and wands inlace. But finally it becomes peace and calm.
Each card has red color, which means blood, aggressiveness and passion. And the colors are from darkness to brightness.

10, 5, and 14. Actually I can’t find some relationships between them. But for each one of them, I feel something. 10 means it’s an end. 5 means I still need to adjust myself to get the full mark. 14 means keep a stable condition.

This time, also, each card has people, one card even has more than one people. The people in these three cards have no relationship with each other. The man in 10 of sword facing the ground, but because of the reversion, he faces up and make the swords insert him deeply. The dark is in the bottom, showing we need to come through dark then get the hope. The five people in the 5 of wands are in chaos so that I have no idea what to do to make them calm down. The last one is temperance. The angel just close his eyes to feel the energy of this world.

Actually I feel some mobility in this spread---- two fires and one wind. But it also shows the vitality. The first two cards make me feel helpless, I don’t know what to do to rescue the death people and stop the fight. However, sometimes, you do nothing but wait. Time is a great healer, who can solve everything.

My physic tells me:
I need to have a nice sleep to fully charge. End is another start.
My mind tells me:
Let the chaos running through my head, finally they will give the answer I want. Anyway, I have no idea to deal with them.
My spirit tells me:
Take a deep breath and feel the energy of the world. You can find many beautiful things and support from all directions.

It's wonderful that I can have my own spare time.
引用 柏拉图的永恒 2014-10-17 08:58
may be temperance also  means u deserve a good plan or a new beginning,which is not so hard as long as u pay a little courage
引用 ≯小蝶≮ 2014-10-17 12:47
Thank you for your advice.
And I think this spread focuses on the mobility, which means i do need to change. What i do now is far from enough. Therefore, i need to make a new harder plan to push myself. At the same time, of course, the main point is do instead of just plan.
引用 ≯小蝶≮ 2014-10-17 13:49
I feel very upset today until now. Everything goes not smoothly until now. Bus passed in front of me when I arrived stop. I made much effort to get the place I found. And when I got there, I found I miss some documents. I wanted to print but there was no printing store nearby. I sought help from the real estate company, the staff said ok but 6mop one paper. I print at most 2mop/paper in my school. But I didn’t want to go there second times, then I agreed. However, he said I have too much documents to print, so he couldn’t help me. I just had one paper to print, I don’t figure out why it’s too much. Finally, I went back to school, which meant I had to go there next time. How annoying it is.

Physic: 4 of Wands +
Mind: the Magician –
Spirit: 2 of Pentacles

I can see people are enjoying their life and use their own way to celebrate.
Main color in this spread is yellow. What a bright color. My first impression about it is that I feel happy and surprised.

4, 1, 2. All the numbers are near the front, showing something new.
I see people cheering, people trying to connect himself with the world, and people playing or controlling the pentacles.
In 4 of wands, people seem to stay in the garden in front of the castle, which means they have strong backup so that they have courage to try. Once they do enough work, they can see the achievement and people will hail for them. In the magician, he stays in the garden, there are many roses and lilies, showing passion and purity appear in the one card. In 2 of pentacles, the boy stays in the platform where is near the sea with undulating waves, showing some uncertainty.

Color has much impact on me. I feel happy to see the warm yellow color. But still, without the first card, people in the left two cards have no expression on their face, I can’t figure out what kind of emotion they have. Whether I should do something to make them happy or just let them alone in their own world. Sometimes it’s better not to disturb others’ world.

This time, people in the cards are more concentrated. The magician in the middle, his hands put in both sides, even he points up and down, still showing the connection between three cards. 4 of wands in the left side with happiness. 2 of pentacles in the right side with some upset showing by undulating waves at his back. The magician merges the two emotions in these two cards besides him and shows the real poker face.

My physic tells me:
I need to cheer for my sweet sleep last night. Good sleep gives me a good mood.
My mind tells me:
Don’t just sink into upset. Try to combine bad mood and good mood together, then you can feel nothing does matter and use the usual mind to face life.
My spirit tells me:
Clean up my mood and start again. Today continuous, I can bring my good mood to restart!
引用 ≯小蝶≮ 2014-10-18 01:12
Feel very upset, for my poor listening, reading, speaking and writing.... How can I improve them in an effective way? Just give me some energy to get rid of it. plz plz plz....
引用 ≯小蝶≮ 2014-10-18 22:54
Physic: 9 of wands -
Mind: hermit +
Spirit: 5 of wands –

Too much things need to do today, but what a pity that we just have limited time. So happy for meeting with friends to do the term project, having breakfast, eating cakes and going out with friends……
Doing project exhausts my energy. But I charge by going out with friends to enjoy music and activities.

Everyone in the cards holds one sticks, how much I need to be supported?
Orange to blue to orange and blue. All cards in spread shows harmony. Warm color plus cold color and then combine.
9, 9, 5= try hard and almost get the achievement. Nothing can be perfect, of course including human beings. Then what we can do is save energy and break out, try best to achieve the goal.
One man feels tired and use a stick to reduce his tiredness. One man use his cane to direct the way. Left people holding sticks to fight.
Except that hermit seems to stay in the a very tall mountain, left people stay in the ground, which means even they can’t aware, they still get the feeling of secure.
In this spread, I feel exhausted. All the thought in my mind is, can you stop fighting? Why you have too much energy to consume, but I feel very tired?
The man in the 9 of wands stares at hermit and show powerlessness. That’s because he uses up his energy and doesn’t know how to charge. Hermit help him to think, asking him to come back his heart then get the answer. He doesn’t care the noise in his back, just focuses on what he is doing. Therefore even people in 5 of wands have a fierce fight, only can it affect when others pay attention to it.

My physic tells me:
Please don’t stay up, take a good rest and have a healthy body.
My mind tells me:
Focus on yourself, don’t care what the surrounding is. Concentration help you find your way.
My spirit tells me:
Control your thoughts, don’t leave them running through. It’s chaos. Learning how to control your behave and your emotion.
引用 sybille1709 2014-10-19 03:05
nice !

可惜英文不懂 看的幸苦.
  若是你写中文 那相比是极好的.
引用 ≯小蝶≮ 2014-10-19 10:15
回复 12# sybille1709

   现在是逼着自己写英文看英文……   我现在已经可以想象之后回头来看的辛酸了。。。一定看得很晕
引用 ≯小蝶≮ 2014-10-19 13:45
Physic: 5 of Pentacles +
Mind: the Lovers –
Spirit: the Emperor –

I see chaotic color in the spread. Each of card has many colors. The main color in the first card is black, but it still has some warm colors. Main color in second card is yellow and purple. And the main color in third card is red and orange. Then trend is from black to light.
5, 6, 4, these numbers are not in the right order. Therefore, I need to do some adjustment.

One angel and 5 human beings in the spread. Two poor guys passes by the church. If they continue walking, they will be out of the spread. Lovers close to each other, angel wants to embrace them. And the emperor stays in his throne. The spread shows the dispersive energy. And all cards reverses, whose energies are confined.
First, they are in the snowy day. Then they come to plain, finding love and sun. At last, they achieve their throne. When I try to feel their emotion, I aware that they need support to overcome tough.

My physic tells me:
Repression might harm your health, Need to go out more to breath fresh air and change mind.
My mind tells me:
Try to find some support and encouragement. You need more supervisor. But the most effective way should be self-control. Get calm through talking with friends and learning.
My spirit tells me:
You stay in an unconfident state. Then practice and use the right method will give you more confident. Don’t afraid to do, trust yourself and you will be the real king of your world.
引用 ≯小蝶≮ 2014-10-20 23:35
本帖最后由 ≯小蝶≮ 于 2014-10-20 23:38 编辑

Physic: Knight of Swords -
Mind: Justice +
Spirit: 2 of Wands +

Finish one thing and have one decision.
Many things to do, time management is very important.

The knight of swords is rushing. And the woman in justice hold the swords and balance to make the equal choice with rational reasoning. The man in 2 of wands makes his decision for his future.

In this spread, colors are distinct. The whole spread gives me a kind of rational feeling. Some are little impulsive, others analyze according to the reality.

11, 2. That shows 1+1=2, which means one should cause another. And it does. After the rational thinking, the man can make a most suitable choice.

The knight of swords is rushing to the next step. He is the only one in the spread whose feet are not in the ground. But when he comes to the woman in justice. He feel the energy of calmness and rational thinking. So he starts to think what he really wants, and what he can do to make it come true. After the detailed analysis, he comes to 2 of wands, who is making choice, then do it.

My physic tells me:
It’s a little difficult for you to handle too many things at the same time. You need to have better time management and better plan.
My mind tells me:
Your decision is rational. Since it has been proved, then just try best to achieve it.
My spirit tells me:
Not just making choice, then need to show your action. Don’t be afraid to try, you can see the future.
引用 ≯小蝶≮ 2014-10-21 22:58
Physic: 9 of Cups +
Mind: 2 of Cups –
Spirit: The World –

It’s the day that has many things to do. Only one term proposal can drive me crazy. Luckily, I am in my period, then have no good mood to deal with the work. At night, dance with partners and thank my friend for bringing dinner. After releasing my negative mood by speaking out, I feel better now.

I feel much water to represent emotion. It’s a very harmonious spread. No argument, no fighting.
Main colors are yellow, blue, white and green. I feel purity and energy through these colors.
Explain them one by one. For 9 of Cups, one man is sitting in the room and enjoys his happiness, which can be represented by cups and red colors in his head and feet, showing inner of him. The blue canvas behind him shows his calmness to feel the happiness.
Then, for 2 of Cups, one man and one woman face to face. They communicate with each other. And there’s some passion between them, showing by red lion angle.
The world, the woman is a dancer, who has the power of creating, preserving and destroying, like Shiva in Hinduism. She has four patron saints, with whose helps she get the achievement.

Even though some cards are reversed, but the meaning doesn’t change too much. The whole spread indicates I feel happy now and I enjoy it. But when I released my bad mood, don’t forget to care others’ mind. As we know, moods can be infectious. Then when we have a good cooperation, then we can get the achievement of the work.

My physic tells me:
Keep your happy mood. Even though it seems mobile, try to keep it.
My mind tells me:
When you communicate with others, work with others, care more about them, or your mood will affect them.
My spirit tells me:
It’s a hard work and need time to do. Don’t be too worried, just try best to cooperate with your partners and them you will attain the goal.
引用 silence 2014-10-21 23:02
Stick with it, and keep moving~:)
引用 ≯小蝶≮ 2014-10-23 01:00
回复 17# silence

   Thank you for your encouragement, which gives me energy~~ And I will keep doing it  because it's the thing I adore.
引用 ≯小蝶≮ 2014-10-23 01:19
Physic: Page of Cups -
Mind: The Star -
Spirit: The Sun +

What a wonderful day with so many surprise. Effective work with partners, acquaintance with new friends, gift from good friends and biscuits made by Chiann.
Actually, I really really appreciate everything happened in my life. Thank you all guys very very much.

I see the page and nude woman are communicating with waters, which makes me feel the peaceful emotion and moved. Then I see the successful ending in the sun.
Colors from white to blue to red and gold. The blank one feel moved and then get the positive energy from people around you. The energy even emit by yourself because of your charming to infect people.
17, 19 just two numbers. 1+7=8; 1+9=10. So actually I can get 4 numbers. These numbers shows the capacity to hold the thing and the happy ending.

The page is so naïve that he just feels the positive things in the world. Then he comes to the star. He starts to imagine grand blueprint, or it has been done already. He begins to do the things, then he succeeds.
I can feel that page just uses his naïve eyes to see this world, so he just focuses on the positive part. Then in the star. I get the idea of thinking, then come up with something. Even though it’s an ideal plan, actually we don’t meet our ideal numbers of participants. However, we still proceed the activities smoothly, and everyone enjoys it. That’s the best rewards for us. And our activities full of positive things, that’s what the page finds.

My physic tells me:
Relax and enjoy life. Find the positive things around you, and you will be happier.
My mind tells me:
Don’t afraid your dream is too big. Try, though you can thoroughly achieve it, you can still on the track and perform it very well.
My spirit tells me:
Enjoy your success. And save the energy you get in order to face another challenges.
引用 sybille1709 2014-10-23 04:55